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和色 - WASHOKU -

A restaurant where you can “experience” Japanese culture

Experience ✕ Japanese food in Asakusa


Enjoy Japanese Food by Colors.

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12 kinds of Japanese Seasonal Tapas, and Hand-rolled sushi, Dashi Chazuke(boiled rice with tea),MISOBALL(miso soup)

Supervised by a dietitian.

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Nutrition balance is good.Providing rice directly from farmers in a sheep! Our original homemade Misoball is very popular!

Experience Japanesne Culture.


You can experience Japanesne food,Rickshow, Kimono and Edo kiriko. The experience plans takes in a half day or all day.


(All prices exclude tax)

WASHOKU Plate 2,000yen

007 (1)

"12 kinds of Japanese Seasonal Tapas" using local gourmet and buffet of rice, hand-rolled sushi, dashi chazuke, miso soup♪

WASHOKU Course 3,000yen


A course with salads and desserts set in "WASHOKU Plate''. A total of 4,500 to 5,500yen with a 2-hour Free-Flowing Drinks.

2-hour Free-Flowing Drinks

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[1,500yen] Cocktail & Sour & Highball only. [2,500yen] All menu OK! Beer, Japanese sake, Japanese sweet cocktail etc.


reservation required
(All prices per person and exclude tax )

Cooking Class(Casual) 4,500yen


Challenge to make Temari sushi (9 pieces), pickled, and miso soup! Meal & 1drink included.English OK.(3:00PM-every day (2h))

Cooking Class(Special) 6,500yen

3_Experience_cooking_special (1)3_Experience_cooking_special (1)

Uses luxurious ingredients!! (Gilt, sea urchin, caviar, salmon roe, salmon) Schedule are the same as the casual plan.

Cooking class (Misoball) 2,500yen


Challenge to make popular miso ball (miso soup) for lunch and dinner! Our original recipe miso ball (miso soup) ♪ Popular for gifts ♪

Rickshaw 3,500yen


Explore popular spots around Kaminarimon and walk courses from Sumida River to Sky Tree! (about 20 min)

Kimono Rental&HairSet 3,500yen


Choose a kimono and leave it to a professional! Elegant finish with dressing & hair set!Return kimono as it is OK! (about 20 min)

Edo Kiriko 3,500yen


Challenge making Edo Kiriko! Making only one original Edo Kiriko in the world will be a wonderful memory (90 min)


5F Japanese modern space


Designers active in the world produce all the space! 1 minute to Asakusa Station! Overlooking Sumida River ♪ (32 seats on the 5th floor, 20 seats on the 6th floor)

5F Comfortably 32 seats!


Japanese modern space with indirect lighting ♪ Girls' party and welcome party ◎ Charter is also OK! Please feel free to contact us ♪

6F 20 seats on the terrace! Superb view


Limited to one set per day! Kotatsu bar! Sumida River and winter clear sky seen from Kotatsu are the best ◎ Pots are also available ♪